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Oticon More

Oticon More helps you to immerse yourself in the full spectrum of sound. It is powered by BrainHearing, a technology which helps the brain by providing it with access to the entire sound picture around you.

Polaris, Oticon’s most intelligent microchip ever, allows Oticon More to use a groundbreaking new technology called a Deep Neural Network. As a result, all sounds are represented more naturally in a simple, full, and balanced way, allowing you to get more out of any listening situation.

Deep Neural Network (DNN):

This is a neural network trained on 12 million real-world sounds to provide the brain with more knowledge to decipher intricate aural details. It processes speech in noise much like the human brain, thanks to an artificial intelligence approach to hearing technology.

MoreSound Intelligence (MSI) technology:

This feature improves the way sounds are processed, including their subtle variations and the way they should sound.

Oticon hearing aids

Better Speech Comprehension:

Oticon More uses BrainHearing technology to provide the brain with the tools it needs to make better sense of sound. Compared to previous models, the Oticon More provides 15% better speech comprehension.

Oticon Opn S Hearing Aids

With the wildly popular Oticon Opn S hearing aids, Oticon introduced layers of innovation to offer even more improvements in speech comprehension and listening effort, allowing you to excel in noisy environments and experience speech understanding on par with normal hearing.

Velox platform: The Opn is based on an open sound model and the Velox platform offers computational power to maximizing its full potential. It has a faster memory and more sensitive detectors, allowing it to monitor changes in the acoustic environment 56,000 times per second.

BrainHearing: This feature compensates for the problems associated with hearing loss by maintaining the brain’s natural sound processes and allowing both ears to work together to determine where sounds come from.

OpenSound Navigator: The OpenSound Navigator is a powerful tool that rebalances the soundscape regularly while providing continuous access to all sounds and voices involved. The OpenSound Navigator technology enriches users’ lives by assisting the brain in automatically concentrating on what they need to hear.

Oticon Hearing Aid

Oticon Xceed Hearing Aids

With the latest Oticon Xceed family of power hearing aids, Oticon brings of its most iconic technologies to those with more substantial hearing needs. Based on Velox S, Oticon’s most advanced platform to date and available in two BTE models – superpower and ultra power – Xceed has been shown to provide greater speech comprehension in noisy environments with less listening effort than previous generations of powerful hearing aids.

Controlling feedback: Feedback is an annoyance when something or someone gets too close to your hearing aid. Oticon Xceed stops this from occurring and allows you to have more explicit speech with less whistling.

Unique OpenSound system: Oticon Xceed hearing aids are the only super-power hearing aid on the market with OpenSound Navigator. As a result, being a part of a conversation with several people now requires less listening effort.

Excellent connectivity: The Oticon Xceed hearing aids use 2.4 GHz Bluetooth technology to connect to compatible smartphones and a wide range of accessories. You can use your smartphone to customize your hearing aids, stream phone calls and TV sound directly to both ears, and much more.

Oticon Hearing Aid


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