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The 9 Reasons To Choose South Shore Hearing Center?

#1 - Trusted by Thousands of Local People

Having helped thousands of local people to hear the life that they love and reconnect with their loved ones, friends, and passions – we have built a reputation for delivering better hearing.

From helping with a simple mild hearing loss to dealing with complex situations that other groups have failed to find a solution for – by visiting South Shore Hearing Center, you’re in the best hands possible.

#2 – 6 Doctors Of Audiology

With one of the largest private teams of advanced Doctors of Audiology in Massachusetts, you benefit from vast experience in all aspects of hearing healthcare.

This means that referrals for specialist work are minimized, and we do everything we can to make your experience seamless, simple, and under one roof!

#3 - Vast Expertise On All Aspects Of Hearing Health

With so much misinformation and bad advice circulating the internet, our team takes great pride in sharing their expertise and helping the community to make smarter decisions for their long-term hearing health.

To access our resources area to read their articles, you can click here.

If you have a question that you cannot find an answer to, then you can either contact us by clicking here or request a callback.

#4 - 3 Convenient Locations

With an office in Hanover, South Weymouth and Sharon, you can access any of our three convenient and modern clinics.

With free parking and easy access, it makes visiting for an appointment a breeze.

#5 - Partnering With Local Schools

A big part of what we LOVE is visiting schools to educate students and teachers on better hearing and help with assistive listening devices.

The importance of caring for your hearing is often not given the same level of attention as your teeth and eyes, it’s a big duty of ours to help raise awareness and ensure the future generations protect their hearing.

#6 - Trusted By Many Local Physicians

It’s a great pleasure that many physicians throughout Southeast Massachusetts trust us as their go-to hearing care experts.

From simply asking advice about complex situations to encouraging patients to visit our offices, we are here for all your hearing needs.

#7 - Over 75 Years Of Combined Experienced

Through our team of 6 Doctors of Audiology, we have collectively helped tens of thousands of ears over the past 34 years.

We’ve found a solution for nearly every type of hearing challenge, and our expertise can be passed onto you to ensure that your journey to better hearing is as smooth and seamless as possible.

#8 - Access To All Levels Of Hearing Technology

With partnerships with all major manufacturers, you’re able to access the right level of hearing technology based on your unique circumstances and agreed treatment plan.

There are no limitations to the options available to you, and our doctors are able to prescribe the ideal technology for you.

#9 - Committed To Helping Dogs Find Loving Homes

Our furry friends mean the world to us. In fact, you may even meet one of them in our Hanover office.

This passion means that we support local animal shelters and help to raise awareness to help dogs find loving homes through our communications.

We help great people to reconnect with the world, and we passionately want to help good dogs reconnect with life as well.


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